Mr. Prunty, you have an excellent grasp of the Cliven Bundy story. Very well said!

Mr. Larson, what would you know about a 'grown-up" approach?
The world will end when it ends, whatever the cause. We all know that, so I don't think most environmentalists worry about Armageddon much at all. Their goal is to try to make our world a safe and beautiful place for th…

LetterHead - Bingo!

"Although you do not agree with their votes, referring to these representatives as fools is beneath editorial dignity and responsibility.

Well then, these 9 people need to stop acting like ducks, quacking like ducks, etc .....

I completely agree with this editorial, and if these "nine" are ever re-elected, I will lose what little faith I have left in Idaho voters.

Tumbleweed49 - Very nice post!

No one is, or will be, telling you and other Christians what to believe. That is, and will remain, a personal choice. A Supreme Court decision in favor of gay marriage will only say that gay people must be treated equally under the law. It will not degrade Christians in any way.
If som…

CeeNee - Well said!

Then, think again, Gud2.
The Times News has proven many times by their columns that they don't hate Conservatives, or anyone else. But there is a huge difference between Conservatives and Right-Wing Wackos ... Nothing wrong with wishing the latter would just sit down and shut up. Be…

Remember Watergate?